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Phone:  818-389-5772         Email:  lindaberglund@outlook.com

HAIR:  Auburn     EYES:  Hazel     HEIGHT: 5' 7" 
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Telephone - Lead                               Independent (dir. Nathan Hoffman) Minneapolis, MN
Unaccepted - Lead                             Independent (dir. Jabari Thomas) Shreveport, LA
Passing Time -Lead                            Independent (dir. Braun Keith) Los Angeles, CA
Dead Man Walking - Lead                   NY Film Academy (dir. Dylan Greiss) Los Angeles, CA
Significant Other - Lead                     Chapman University (dir. Zac Petrillo) Orange, CA
Gratuity - Principal                             MCTC (dir. Caroline Taylor)Minneapolis, MN
Unheard - Principal                            MCTC (dir. Braydn Walker)Minneapolis MN
Love…Older - Principal                        Zaha Productions (dir. Zaid Abu Hamdan) Los Angeles, CA
Boys in the Hood - Principal                Bandit Films (dir. Anthony Falleroni)Los Angeles, CA
Between the Shadows- Principal         Chapman University (dir. Zac Petrillo) Orange, CA
As Far as Diamonds- Principal            NY Film Academy (dir. Bruno Miotto)Los Angeles, CA
Hollywood Dreaming- Principal           NY Film Academy (dir. Miguel Plopschi)Los Angeles, CA
Will You Be There - Principal               NY Film Academy (dir. Jill Lei)Los Angeles, CA
SNAFU - Principal                              Chapman University (dir. Andrew Merrill)Orange, CA
Code Green - Supporting                    In The Moment Films (dir. Cynthia Uhrich)St. Paul, MN
Pearl - Supporting                             Chapman University (dir. Zac Petrillo)Orange, CA

Saree-ously Speaking? Uff-DA! - Barb - Mollywood Productions (dir. Robert Permenter) St. Paul, MN 

The Vagina Monologues -My Short Skirt, Reclaiming Cunt - Barron County Domestic Abuse Project (dir. Nichole Kathol)
                                                                                      Rice Lake, WI

Two Rooms - Lanie - JCG Collaborations (dir. Jerelyn Gilstrap) Shreveport, LA

7 Deadly Sins  - Barb Van Eddy, ensemble -  Next Stage Theatre (dir. Chris Berube) Hollywood, CA

Minnehaha Avenue - Ellen - nimbus theatre (dir. Liz Neerland) Minneapolis, MN

Chasing Glory - Mika - Theatre Limina-Summer Shorts (dir. Cynthia Uhrich)Minneapolis, MN

Solid Gold Cadillac - Delilah Brookfield - Lex-Ham Community Theatre (dir. Lori Ness) St. Paul, MN

Antigone  - Ismene - UW-River Falls (dir. Joshua Will) River Falls, WI

Hopscotch  - Elsa -  UW-River Falls (dir. Christina Turi) River Falls, WI

Random Axe - Various - Improvisation Group River Falls, WI

Sane’s Insanity - Laura - Java Theatre (dir. Linda Berglund) River Falls, WI

Bachelor of Fine Arts –Theater, Film and Art, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, WI
Meisner Technique- Rich Remedios,Minneapolis, MN
On-camera Workshop- Michelle Hutchison,Minneapolis, MN
Advanced Acting/Scene Study - Cynthia Uhrich, In the Moment Workshop, St. Paul, MN
Improv 101 and 201,Improv for Actors - John Haynes, The Creative InstituteSt. Paul, MN
Commercial Acting Technique, Advanced Film Scene Study- Bill CooperMinneapolis, MN
Advanced Film Scene Study -Darcel Moreno, Darcel Moreno Talent,Shreveport, LA
Advanced Scene Study, On-camera and Audition Technique - Alan Feinstein & Paul Tuérpé, The Alan Feinstein Acting Studio,Los Angeles, CA
Vocal technique, Scene Study - Jeffrey Cohen, The Compelling Voice,Los Angeles, CA
Voice Over Technique - Larry Russo, Voice Acting Workshop,Minneapolis, MN

Improvisation, alto, voice over training, basic southern and British accents, can mimic cat/kitten/other basic animals, can learn basic choreography/movement, proficient in drawing and painting, familiar with office equipment, proficient in cooking and baking, general knowledge of carpentry, proficient in cycling, proficient in fishing, able to drive standard transmission